RadioMATRIX for Media Agencies

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If you’re already using Radio Holdings you don’t need to lift a finger. You already have access to RadioMATRIX.

If you’re not currently utilising Radio Holdings and want to plan and buy radio advertising via RadioMATRIX, have your Media Systems team contact RadioMATRIX Support immediately and we’ll have your agency
up and running in no time.

Say goodbye to planning and buying in Excel. 
The RadioMATRIX cloud-based, collaborative platform enables you to buy the entire commercial audio ecosystem in one place, including radio streaming and podcasting.

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Once you set up a media plan you can share it with a selection of stations or farm it out to every station in Australia.  

System, business and workflow rules are highly flexible and can be completely customised and layered to suit the needs of your agency, whether it by team (or team branch), client, market, channel, agency-wide operating or workflow policy or a pre-negotiated radio network position.

At all times you’ll know who did what, and when, and you can control who sees what information.

Agency briefing workflow Diagram
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Save time

You can build up your own templates in RadioMATRIX or even load in your existing Excel plans. Template permissions can be used to lock in process across your team and your entire business, including approval processes and change management.

Standardise planning and briefing processes and templates across agency teams, irrespective of what market they are in. You can reuse plans and briefing templates within and across clients and client teams.

If you need to roll back a plan or a brief to an earlier version? No problem! Simply find the version you need in the version control log and press on with your work.

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Best practice

RadioMATRIX is underwritten by Commercial Radio Australia and is the industry’s new best-practice standard for managing commercial radio audio planning, briefing, proposals and approvals.

Working collaboratively with the commercial radio ecosystem in RadioMATRIX will reduce time managing (or reinventing) process. You’ll be able to move more of your time into strategy and innovation, whilst improving team billability and margins.

Your client response times will reduce, providing you more opportunity to be tactically responsive to shifts in the market and for strategy in general. System level permissions and process standardisation will reduce planning and briefing errors and the red-faced issue management that often results.

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